Raleigh Walkable Watershed Plan

Location: Raleigh, NC | Client: City of Raleigh | Project Date: August 2013 – February 2015

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Raleigh Walkable Watershed

Project Description


The lower Little Rock Creek Watershed in Raleigh, NC includes a neglected creek and neighborhoods that lack sidewalks and crosswalks to safely connect residents with community destinations.


In 2013, Skeo’s Raleigh Walkable Watershed initiative provided a new opportunity for local government and community organizations to improve both water quality and the quality of life in the lower watershed of Little Rock Creek. The walkable watershed approach is a creative, effective way to achieve environmental, public health, education and community development goals.

In Raleigh, the project brought together City of Raleigh staff, community members, non-profits and students to develop a Watershed Concept Plan for the lower Little Rock Creek Watershed. Streets providing key routes to community destinations such as a school or park also lacked sidewalks and piped stormwater directly to the creek. Building on community goals and priorities, the Plan identifies strategies to address pedestrian and stormwater management challenges simultaneously.


The Walkable Watershed Concept Plan identifies a series of recommendations for near-term and long-term investment in the area. The plan includes clear and concise graphics to effectively convey green infrastructure strategies. As a result, the planning effort has helped build partnerships and develop an Action Team to guide investments in neighborhood-based watershed improvements. Some early wins include full adoption and support by the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The Walkable Watershed effort also provided a new opportunity for the City to collaborate across departments. This new way of doing business is leveraging resources and providing creative solutions to meet multiple City program objectives.