Location: Duluth, Minnesota  |  Client: EPA Offices of Sustainable Communities and City of Duluth, Minnesota  |  Project Date: October 2017-April 2018

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Implementation Strategies for a Sustainable Duluth

Project Summary


In 2017, following the completion of an areawide brownfield revitalization plan, the City of Duluth began an update of the City’s comprehensive plan. The areawide brownfield revitalization plan focused on two Duluth neighborhoods bordering the city’s western port area, known as Irving and Fairmount. The Irving and Fairmount revitalization plan outlined site-specific redevelopment potential for 6 sites and an implementation strategy to drive revitalization and redevelopment built around a set of brownfield health indicators developed by Minnesota Department of Health and non-profit Minnesota Brownfields. 


EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities selected Skeo to lead a team in developing a plan and facilitating a cross-departmental strategy with City staff to translate outcomes of the areawide plan to the comprehensive plan update.


Skeo facilitated a process to prioritize a set of representative strategies from the Irving and Fairmount plan. Then Skeo worked with stakeholders to design and develop a six-step implementation strategy to guide each strategies progress. Each implementation strategy integrates case studies and national best practices, on-the ground successes in Duluth’s Irving and Fairmount neighborhoods with local government, community and private sector implementation activities.