WE ACT State Implementation Plans Guidance

Location: Nationwide | Client: Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change | Project Date: October 2016 – March 2017

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Cleaner Air Cleaner Communities

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Clean Air Act State Implementation Plans outline how states will meet federal air quality standards. The Plans also provide an opportunity to take environmental justice considerations into account. Until recently, however, states lacked clear guidance on methods and best practices for considering environmental justice concerns during the development of the Plans.


Skeo worked with the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change (EJLF) to develop a toolkit providing state agencies, local governments and community-based organizations with a step-by-step process, tools and case studies to integrate environmental justice considerations into Clean Air Act State Implementation Plans. Interviews with EJLF member organizations and research on existing Plans, environmental justice tools and best practices informed the development of the toolkit.


Skeo finalized the toolkit – Cleaner Air, Cleaner Communities: 6 Steps to Develop Environmentally Just State Implementation Plans – in 2017 and facilitated a training and information workshop for EJLF members in Washington, D.C. as part of its release.