Urban Waters National Training Workshops and Handbook

Location: Nationwide | Client: EPA Office of Water | Project Date: September 2014 – August 2016

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Workshop website: http://urbanwaters.skeo.com/

Urban Waters Partnership Handbook

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The Urban Waters Federal Partnership seeks to reconnect urban communities, particularly those that are environmentally overburdened or economically distressed, with their waterways. To that end, this partnership of eleven federal agencies works to coordinate federal resources, develop strong partnerships with leaders at the local level, and revitalize neglected or contaminated waterways for the environmental and economic benefit of existing, adjacent communities. In July 2011, the Partnership hosted a national training workshop for employees of its partner agencies and local leaders from the Partnership’s seven pilot projects. The workshop’s aims were to create a national network for shared learning across Urban Waters pilot projects and federal partners, highlight the economic development aspects of natural resource protection, and to provide training on skills and specialized knowledge related to sustainable revitalization of urban waters.


Skeo Solutions collaborated with EPA’s Office of Water to design and facilitate the two-day National Training Workshop. Senior Associate Vernice Miller-Travis facilitated the event by facilitating multiple panels of federal and local partners and connecting the themes from one panel to the next. Special attention was given to highlighting the needs of environmental justice communities and the opportunities for the Partnership to promote equitable development in these communities. Skeo staff also coordinated facilitators for the breakout sessions, took notes and produced a meeting summary document.

Workshop participants enjoyed an informative and energetic training workshop and took advantage of the opportunity to network with potential partners outside of their localities and agencies. Skeo continues to support EPA Office of Water, current activities include:

  • Urban Waters 2014 National Workshop – At the request of EPA, Skeo is developing, planning, and facilitating the next national workshop. The meeting will include EPA, federal agency partners, agency regional staff, and local stakeholders. The purpose of the meeting is to identify best practices based on the latest on-the-ground developments and to chart the course for the Urban Waters Program’s continued success and evolution.
  • Urban Waters Federal Partnership Process Handbook – At the request of EPA, Skeo is developing a guide for establishing, sustaining and expanding successful urban waters partnerships. Building on extensive urban waters expertise and stakeholder interviews, Skeo is incorporating best practices into the handbook, particularly in advancing environmental justice in urban waters communities.