City of Trenton Recreational Needs Assessment

Location: Trenton, New Jersey  |  Client: City of Trenton |  Project Date: January 2018 – September 2018

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Trenton Recreational Needs Assessment

Project Description


The City of Trenton is facing the challenges associated with the decline of its industrial economy – dilapidated buildings, vacant properties and land use patterns that disrupt a healthy urban environment. The City of Trenton recognized the revitalization possibilities of investing in the Assunpink Greenway, a 99-acre linear park in a floodplain along the Assunpink Creek, which flows through East Trenton into the Delaware River. This corridor presents many possibilities for recreational enhancement to spur and support neighborhood revitalization. However, the city team wanted to ensure that open space and recreational reflect the changing demographics across the city.


The City of Trenton in partnership with U.S. EPA enlisted Skeo to conduct an assessment to identify needs for parks and recreation facilities and programming across Trenton. Skeo developed a survey and outreach materials for English- and Spanish-speaking Trenton area residents. Coordinating with partner organizations to maximize participation, the team gathered and analyzed input from over 260 respondents who shared information about parks and recreation facility preferences, usage, perceptions, and programming. Skeo geocoding respondents’ locations to provide spatial information and highlight placed-based needs and gaps. In addition to the survey, Skeo facilitated meetings with over 20 stakeholders to gather additional information from Trenton residents, city staff, sports league representatives and community groups. Skeo detailed and summarized top needs as expressed by survey participants and stakeholders during the assessment in a final report.


The findings outlined in the final report will help 1) inform the City’s decisions about improving and enhancing existing facilities, 2) help the City provide support for recreational program providers and partners, 3) prioritize development of the Assunpink Greenway into a regional asset that improves resident quality of life and helps to revitalize Trenton neighborhoods.