Richmond Regional Green Infrastructure Assessment

Location: Richmond Region, VA  |  Client: Richmond Regional Planning District Commission and Green Infrastructure Center |  Project Date: July 2008 – July 2009

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Richmond Region Green Infrastructure Plan

Conservation Corridor Planning Report

Project Description


Like many metropolitan areas, the Richmond region has experienced rapid suburban growth over the past decade, which is impacting many local natural assets. These natural assets, including rivers, large forested areas, agricultural lands, and recreational and cultural resources, provide a critical foundation for the local economy and general quality of life. As change in land patterns continues to fragment and degrade these key environmental assets, the region needed a strategic plan to help prioritize and coordinate efforts to protect and conserve these assets.


The Green Infrastructure Center contracted Skeo Solutions to develop a strategic green infrastructure plan. The plan entailed convening a stakeholder group of the region’s localities to provide input on the prioritization of assets in their region. Skeo Solutions developed green infrastructure asset maps based on this input and supported a regional workshop that brought together local governments, state and federal agencies, and diverse organizations to discuss the region’s green infrastructure assets and priorities. The workshop included a simulation exercise developed by Skeo to help participants practice setting priorities and weighing tradeoffs under a hypothetical scenario before working together to identify recommendations specific to the region.


As a result of this project, the Richmond Region has a shared vision that fosters collaboration among the many municipalities and provides a path moving forward to protect and conserve the region’s most cherished and significant natural assets. The Regional Green Infrastructure report was specifically designed as a quick reference tool that could continue to support discussion among planners, developers, elected officials and other stakeholders. The report outlines near-term priorities for adoption into local land use planning, acquisition and capital projects.

The report includes:

  • Green asset base map.
  • Change in land use trends analysis.
  • Regional green infrastructure base map.
  • Opportunities for implementation.