Environmental Justice Impacts Study

Location: Nationwide | Client: National Wildlife Federation | Project Date: December 2019 – December 2021

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Project Description


National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is a six million member nonprofit conservation education and advocacy organization operating throughout the United States. They launched an urban initiative as part of their 2017 strategic plan and continue strong school programs to engage youth and the executive team wanted to understand the impacts these policies, programs and major activities were having to ensure negative impacts were not being created. In 2019, NWF sought a team of consultants to develop a framework for analyzing the environmental justice impacts of NWF’s policies, programs, relationships and investments as well as examine their internal DEIJ status.


Skeo is currently leading a Team in completing an Environmental Justice Impacts Study for NWF in order to evaluate the impact of current activities on environmental justice (EJ). The Environmental Justice Impacts Assessment project will aim to build EJ capacity among the NWF’s board and executive leadership through (1) developing a tool that regional offices and affiliates can use locally and (2) providing capacity building trainings on how to use the tool at the local and regional levels. Skeo staff developed an Environmental Justice Impacts Framework, conducted an EJ impacts analysis and analyzed the results. Skeo is now in the process of developing an EJ Primer and EJ Impacts Guide and, upon approval of the final Guide, will provide trainings on EJ and use of the guide for NWF’s national, regional and affiliate staff.


The Environmental Justice Impacts Assessment will incorporate the following goals to support NWF in establishing a successful foundation to advance environmental justice both in the short- and long-term:

  • Make a clear case for the connection between EJ and diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) and advancing NWF’s mission.
  • Develop an Environmental Justice Impacts Framework for NWF and conduct an assessment.
  • Build capacity for advancing environmental justice effectively at NWF.
  • Establish alignment, coordination, and synergy between EJ and DEIJ efforts where feasible, while respecting and raising awareness that these are separate (though related) spheres of work.