Healthy Watersheds Demonstration Project

Location: Nelson County, VA | Client: EPA| Project Date: January – November 2011

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Nelson County Stewardship Guide

Nelson County Policy Guide

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Nelson County, Virginia, is a headwater community – many of its waterways originate locally and flow into the Chesapeake Bay. The county’s watershed resources – its air, forests, ground water, soils, waterways and wildlife habitat – are closely intertwined with its culture, history and recreation opportunities. Rapid development underway in the watershed is impacting the natural assets that underpin the local economy.


Skeo Solutions worked with the Green Infrastructure Center, Nelson County and the University of Virginia to conduct a healthy watersheds demonstration project. Skeo integrated multiple data sources to map the county’s most significant watershed resources. Based on analysis and community input, Skeo developed guiding principles for community stewardship and land use planning policies. The project was funded by the Virginia Department of Forestry, the Chesapeake Bay Program and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Healthy Watershed’s Initiative.


The Nelson County Stewardship Guide provides residents, businesses, communities and government with information on how they can use and manage local land resources to maintain, protect and restore local water quality and healthy watersheds. The Nelson County Policy Guide outlines recommendations for including green infrastructure and healthy watershed policies in the county’s updated Comprehensive Plan.