Measure M Phase 1 and 2

Location: Berkeley, CA | Client: City of Berkeley | Project Date: March – September 2013

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Measure M Plan

Measure M Mid-Program Review

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In 2012, Berkeley citizens voted in a $30 million bond to invest in much needed street and watershed improvements. However specific priorities for the funding had not yet been identified and local commissions were concerned that divisions between street and watershed priorities may prevent forward progress.


In 2013, Skeo Solutions supported the Berkeley Public Works Commission, the Transportation Commission and the Citizen Environmental Advisory Commission in facilitating a community engagement process to gather stakeholder input on investment priorities. The process included three public meetings to gather goals, identify stakeholder considerations and develop a process for prioritizing projects and integrating green infrastructure elements on appropriate street improvements. The community meetings brought together concerned residents, bike advocates, watershed groups, commission members, city department staff and elected officials to developed a shared set priorities for moving forward.

The resulting summary report supported Council discussion and a ultimately consensus approval of both the prioritization process and the five-year capital investment plan. City staff now have an explicit process integrating priorities across the bike plan, pedestrian plan, watershed master plan and the street improvement capital program. Commissions have developed partnerships and set a precedent of collaboration.