Gillies Creek Green Infrastructure Plan

Location: Richmond, VA  |  Client: City of Richmond, Department of Public Utilities, Stormwater  |  Project Date: January 2017 – May 2018

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Gillies Creek Green Infrastructure Plan
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Project Description


The City of Richmond is actively revitalizing the James River riverfront guided by the City’s 2010 Riverfront Plan. In addition, the City is planning to build the Gillies Creek Greenway which will connect Richmond’s East End along the creek to the parks along Richmond’s redevelopment riverfront.

With these significant investments and anticipated new development, the City’s Department of Public Utilities (DPU) recognizes the need for a concept plan to incorporate green infrastructure strategies into new and improved public spaces that connect residents with urban waterways.


Through a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), Skeo Solutions led an effort to convene city departments, community organizations, local partners and residents surrounding Gillies Creek to identify goals and prioritize green infrastructure projects in the Gillies Creek watershed that can improve water quality while meeting community needs for safe streets and connections to local assets and amenities.


Skeo’s community engagement approach was instrumental in helping stakeholders understand the benefits of green infrastructure and how it can be integrated into the streetscape and landscape to improve the neighborhood. Skeo developed public-friendly graphics to explain how green infrastructure functions, and identified scenarios to integrate water quality and community goals. The Concept Plan identifies opportunities for integrating green infrastructure into the City’s Gillies Creek Greenway and other public and private improvements. The planning process also provided a model approach and guidance for cross-department and cross-sector collaboration to identify and integrate stormwater best practices into a broad range of development and infrastructure projects, while building local watershed stewardship to protect stormwater projects long-term.