North End Neighborhoods Brownfield Opportunity Area Plan

Location: Geneva, NY  |  Client: City of Geneva  |  Project Date: September 2012 – September 2014

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North End Neighborhood Revitalization Framework Report

Project Description


Built around manufacturing and industrial uses, Geneva’s North End neighborhoods face challenges of vacancy and disinvestment. Neighborhood identity is fragmented by rail lines and perceptions of crime.


In 2012, with funding from the New York BOA Grant program, the City of Geneva retained Skeo Solutions and partners to develop a Pre-Nomination Study for the City’s North End. Skeo Solutions tailored a process to integrate area needs, market considerations and physical conditions into a targeted revitalization plan and was accepted in 2015 as a complete Step 2 BOA Revitalization Plan and will advance directly to Step 3 Implementation.


The market and economic analysis included a unique reverse-site selection approach to identify local assets targeted to end-users. These strategies align with real market needs, build community consensus and develop a risk mitigation plan that anticipates the actual reuse of the property. In addition, Skeo Solutions developed a supplemental Action Plan that offers a roadmap to implement capital improvements, neighborhood initiatives, recreational programming and site-specific redevelopment efforts.