City of Chesapeake Quality of Life Study

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia | Client: City of Chesapeake | Project Date: December 2013 – June 2014

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City of Chesapeake Neighborhood Quality of Life Study Update

Project Description


The City of Chesapeake provides an array of opportunities for people living in diverse environments. Encompassed by traditional neighborhoods and open countryside, the City holds various assets and challenges in its neighborhoods that determine quality of life. In 2006, elected officials and local government staff completed The Chesapeake Neighborhood Quality of Life (NQL) Study in order to prioritize investments which would improve quality of life for community residents across four dimensions: social, crime, physical, and economic. The 2006 NQL served as a benchmark and accomplished the first step toward achieving the goals of sustaining and revitalizing Chesapeake’s neighborhoods. The 2006 NQL Study also resulted in in the creation of the Chesapeake Quality of Life Cabinet, which grew from the original project steering committee. The Cabinet has convened monthly since 2006 to facilitate inter-departmental dialogue on quality of life issues and initiatives directed towards revitalizing Chesapeake neighborhood.


In 2014, the Cabinet chose Skeo Solutions to build on the 2006 NQL Study by adding refinements to the methodology and presenting the results of the most recent quality of life data analysis. Skeo Solutions first conducted an assessment that resulted in a refined analysis methodology and set of indicators. Next, we collected quality of life data from federal, state and local sources for 26 variables; standardized and analyzed the data by variable and by quality of life dimension; and produced a set of maps showing the results for each of the four dimensions and the cumulative quality of life ranking. Finally, Skeo revised the 2006 NQL Study report to reflect updated methodologies and the results of the 2014 analysis.


Skeo Solutions provided the City of Chesapeake with the 2014 Neighborhood Quality of Life Study Update (2014 NQL Study), which increased public awareness and understanding of critical quality of life issues and challenges facing the City of Chesapeake and fostered collaboration and discussion around finding solutions. Through the work of Skeo Solutions, citizens, elected officials, businesses, community groups and staff, added two new quality of life variables to the analysis, recommended changes to the current methodology and prioritized quality of life investments using geographic information systems mapping. The 2014 NQL Study offers a resource for residents, community leaders, city staff, and elected decision-makers to guide effective investments in Chesapeake’s neighborhoods.