Former Beech-Nut Facility Community Redevelopment Vision

Location: Canajoharie, NY  |  Client: EPA Region 2  |  Project Date: October 2016 – March 2018

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Community Redevelopment Vision for Former Beech-Nut Facility Report

Project Description


The former Beech-Nut facility sits in the heart of the Village of Canajoharie and was once the site of the thriving Imperial Packing Company. Since closing in 2010, the property has remained inactive and many of the 35 vacant buildings have fallen into disrepair. The Village of Canajoharie and Montgomery County foreclosed on the property in 2017, creating an opportunity to begin visioning and planning for redevelopment of this iconic 27-acre site.


As part of the EPA Superfund Redevelopment Initiative (SRI), Skeo provided reuse planning assistance to engage the community in developing a redevelopment vision for the site. The project team worked with Montgomery County and the Village of Canajoharie to facilitate reuse discussions with local stakeholders including the Village of Canajoharie administrators, the Exit 29 Task Force, the Montgomery County Executive office, and local business owners. In addition, Skeo facilitated a series of stakeholder meetings and a public meeting to gather input from over 150 community members.


Based on the meetings and discussions, Skeo developed a report summarizing the community’s redevelopment vision and goals for the site and incorporates future use ideas into a flexible concept plan to guide ongoing cleanup and redevelopment discussions. The concept plan includes options for downtown redevelopment, mid-size / campus-like redevelopment, flexible green space, cultural heritage, gateway corridor to downtown, river connection and improved access and circulation. The report concludes with an action plan that aligns next steps, planned initiatives and potential resources to support implementation.